A Guide USB/Thunderbolt Hubs

How do I connect two displays to My Mac? This is a something that many people, understandably, struggle with. There are approximately 45 Billion display adapters, video cables, docks and hubs. Some Macs have 2 Thunderbolt ports. Others have 4. Some have USB, some have Thunderbolt. What about USB docks? Why are some $20 andContinue reading “A Guide USB/Thunderbolt Hubs”

Generate Fake Names in Python

Fake is a handy Python package that generates fake names, addresses, and text. Github – Faker Install Faker The simplest way to install Faker is by using pip Examples Here’s a few examples to get you started. The project’s github page has lots of more advanced code snippets if you decide Print 10 names toContinue reading “Generate Fake Names in Python”


Are you sick of seeing Pinterest garbage every time you Google something? If so, there’s a chrome extension that will append -site:pinterest.* to the end of your searches. Unpinterested! (Free, Donate) I’ve been using Unpinterested! for a week and I already feel like a happier more well rounded person.